Study Abroad

ESI was initially started as a Spanish school for church planting missionaries joining Extreme Nazarene Ministries. Complete immersion was the only way to adequately prepare missionaries for their work. Today, ESI’s strategy for immersion hasn’t changed for students wishing to truly experience Ecuadorian life. The immersion strategy includes:
  • All Study Abroad students will be housed and eat meals with a national Ecuadorian family exposing them to authentic daily Ecuadorian life

  • Spanish classes are taught by Ecuadorians who are professionally trained and certified to teach Spanish to fluency

  • The ESI course curriculum is not only designed to teach grammar but uses Latin American and Ecuadorian history and culture throughout the course to strengthen cultural understanding

  • Periodic ministry outreach projects will compel students to not only observe, but to reach out and serve the local people

  • Optional Study Application Excursions expose students to interesting and informative places and history outside of class that makes the Ecuadorian culture and language come alive

  • ESI’s teaching program includes professor rotation so that every student will hear distinct tones, speaking styles and word usage from several teachers better preparing the student to speak fluently
Students must enroll online at at least 30 days prior to arrival in Ecuador.

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Pricing (in USD)
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*Weekly Tuition Rate Per Student (two-week minimum) $395 USD

Tuition includes:
  • Orientation & Registration
  • Class study (2-5 students)
  • Study materials and aids
  • Text books, workbooks, etc
  • Host housing
  • Three meals per day
  • One ministry day per month
  • Transportation to/from home/class & other school sponsored activities
  • Testing and grading
  • Credit transfer
  • Accident & Illness Medical Insurance
  • WiFi access on campus
Payment will be made through your University.

Classes run for four hours each day, Monday through Friday. Students can elect to take morning or afternoon classes.

ESI teaches a Spanish instruction curriculum utilizing four textbooks, each with an accompanying workbook. Each textbook is designed to be completed in one month on average. The textbooks are:
  • Español Pre-Basico (Pre-basic Spanish)
  • Español Basico (Basic Spanish)
  • Español Intermedio (Intermediate Spanish)
  • Español Avanzado (Advanced Spanish)
Each Spanish textbook establishes the foundations needed to proceed to the next. Students are tested at the beginning of class to determine if they have sufficient Spanish to skip any of the textbook courses. The workbooks compliment class work completed in the textbooks and in personal study time.

Out-of-class instruction such as ministry days and occasional field trips to open air markets, town squares, hospitals and schools is also a tool used by ESI’s professors to expand the student’s knowledge and application of the classroom material.

Ministry Opportunities
ESI has partnered with Extreme Nazarene Ministries and its 40/40 church planting program to engage students in reaching out to the local people. 40/40 is a program that is recruiting and deploying 40 Ecuadorian singles paired up with 40 N. American singles to plant churches all over Ecuador. Most 40/40s are between 18 and 28 years old and work full time planting three churches. The everyday life of a 40/40 facilitates excellent opportunities for students to see ministry up close and personal. Experiences and personal connections made during outreach opportunities have the potential to impact and shape students in dynamic ways.

Through the ministry engagements, not only are students exposed to culture and ministry in action, but they will have unmatched opportunities to practice Spanish with the 40/40 missionaries and the local people they encounter.

ESI’s course offers one ministry day in each calendar month. Each ministry day takes the place of one four-hour classroom session.

Pertinent Professional Affiliations
  • Global Church of the Nazarene - The parent company of ESI is the non-profit Ecuadorian association that officially handles in-country operations for Extreme Nazarene, Corp. (dba: Extreme Nazarene Ministries). Extreme Nazarene, Corp. is an organization registered as a non-profit in the state of Idaho and recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 Para-church Non-profit Organization. The recorded bylaws list the Global Church of the Nazarene as the organization’s services beneficiary. All Extreme projects are reviewed and approved by the Director of Nazarene World Mission (currently Dr. Louie Bustle) and the South America Regional Director (currently Dr. Christian Sarmiento). The Director of Extreme Nazarene, Corp., Brian Tibbs, is a contracted Missionary with the Church of the Nazarene.

  • Northwest Nazarene University - Extreme Nazarene Ministries has received accreditation through Northwest Nazarene University in coordination with Dr. Sam Dunn for courses taught in the Larry and Addie Garman Missionary Formation School that is run by Extreme Nazarene Ministries in Quito, Ecuador. To date, seven one-credit courses taught in the missionary school are transferrable to NNU.
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